Our Partners

Alankara jewellery are a Well Established reputed brand jewelry retailer. Alankara jewellery is committed to make every customer feel special with our personalized service and cutting edge jewelry designs.

Influenced by Sri Lanka, Say Yes is a Jewelry brand specialized in natural color stones designed to the trendiest style for your daily wear. 

SayYes founded in Sri Lanka in 2012 with several jewelry designers from different countries. The passion behind this brand drives designers to create more and new designs to venture the international market and to make Sri Lanka be aware of a fashion jewelry wonderland. 

Each piece of Say Yes jewelry selects the stones which are directly exploited from the mining places of Sri Lanka, and which are strictly selected according to the international 4c standards. We use the most advanced craftsmanship for the jewelry making. Except that we provide worldwide warranty for our dearest costumers. 

Say Yes is a brand with jewelry designers’ passion and love to present the perfect fashionable and wearable pieces for everyone

Hemachandras Limited was founded by the late Mr. Ananda Cyril in 1942. For three generations, gems and jewellery have been the Hemachandra way of life, a priceless heritage nurtured and perfected since its inauguration As repute Jewellery experts from the time of its founder, Hemachandra Jewellery has often been official presentation to visiting state dignitaries, and now, having served people the world over for 65 years ,Our integrity, craftsmanship and excellence have long since been established.

Zam Gems is one of the country’s largest and most respected gems and jewellery manufacturers. Zam Gems designs, manufactures and markets unique gemstones and modern jewellery made from genuine materials at affordable prices.