The Gem Arcade has a richly laid out display of gems and jewelry from our merchants, whilst creates a more personalized, comfortable atmosphere for customers. Visit our lounge area where we allow customers to feel invited and relaxed, adding warmth and fulfilment as it is our prime objective to leave a sense of trust and confidence.

Gem Arcade is a luxury jewelry mall which caters to high-end clients with finest gems, fashion jewelry & watches. Gem Arcade is the one-stop solution for any enthusiast who wants to select from wide variety of luxury jewelry.


Zakraf Shafee – Managing Director

“Sri Lanka has a historically renowned reputation for having some of the world’s best known gems, one of which adorns the crown of the Queen of England. Thus, it is important that we maintain this reputation. Collectors of high quality Jewellery can now be reassured that their purchases are of the highest quality and with industry certification.

We are trying to give the Customer a unique proposition by providing a variety of branded high quality gems and jewelry under one roof, by innovatively bringing the concept of multiple merchants selling gems from a variety of sources.”